I just want someone to cuddle with

to run their fingertips over my skin

and kiss me

and just care about me

(via mouth-two-mouth)

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Convo I just had with my dad
Dad: hey I'm gonna go grocery shopping do you need anything?
Me: uuuhhh....
Me: contemplates wether or not I should ask him to get me pads since I need them desperately
Dad: anything at all?
Me: uh... Yeah.... Can you get me some pads
Dad: Sure
Me: Are you serious? Wouldn't you be embarrassed?
Dad: Natalie, I'm a 56 year old man who has been buying pads for your mother for over 20 years. No I'm not embarrassed.
Me: But I thought guys get squirmish when we ask them to buy this stuff for us
Dad: boys are squirmish. Men will step out and buy you as many pads and tampons as you need. A man will understand that you cannot control your cycle and that this is a natural bodily process. So, if you ever find a guy who's too embarrassed to buy you pad just bleed on everything he owns.

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part of me wants to do something spontaneous with my life and stick with it… and the other part of me wants to continue laying in bed

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